What is Seeds?

Seeds compels players to spend their first $1 in your game – and afterward, data shows that they’ll make an average of 12.4 purchases. Microloans are small loans extended to individuals without access to traditional business loans. Seeds allows gamers to make microloans to entrepreneurs in East Africa (and eventually everywhere!), where we have strong relationships, community trust, and a safe system of loan disbursal.

Players use real currency to make in-app purchases in your game (virtual goods or currency packages), and in return for their social investment, they’re rewarded with bonus coins or special access.

Developers: Partner with Seeds
Engage players better with social good. Players are transforming the world and their gameplay with your help. And here’s the icing on the cake:

Level completion rises 57% (up from 24%!) when giving is introduced.
63% of first-time buyers through charitable causes continue making non-charitable in-game purchases.
Once a gamer makes a first-time purchase through social good, they make an average of 12.4 more purchases.
Increase revenue while showing players you’re a force for good. You benefit, players benefit, and Seeds microborrowers benefit. To get started with Seeds today, email rachel at playseeds dot com or dowload our SDK.

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Our team
Rachel Cook,
Founder and CEO

Rachel is a former futures trader who left a lucrative career to direct and produce a global documentary, The Microlending Film Project, and then launch Seeds.

Hollen Reischer,

Hollen helps awesome people take innovative ideas to the next level. She’s an editor, writer, and facilitator with an eye for detail and a vision for a more just world.

Daniel Benedykt,

Daniel has developed #1-ranking games like Hotel Dash, Parking Dash, and Cooking Dash. His apps have been downloaded by millions of users globally. He’s huge in Japan.

Virginia McArthur,
Executive Producer

Virginia was an EP for social games at Zynga and produced The Sims for mobile for Electronic Arts. She co-founded Zynga.org and continues to transform the world with Seeds.

Lydiah Dola,
Loan Officer

Lydiah is a peace ambassador, women’s rights activist, Kora allAfrica Music Awards nominee, and experienced loan officer, born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya.

Amanda Wixted,

Amanda is the former technical lead for Zynga’s iOS team. Huffington Post called Amanda “the Jay-Z of the tech world” because of her developer’s Midas touch.

Frequently asked questions
What’s your SDK about? Do I have to use it?
Our SDK creates a marketplace for your game if you don’t already have one. You can get it up and running in less than 2 hours. Register for a free password here.

If you already have a marketplace, we’ll work with you to quickly and easily implement the best in-app purchase offers for your players! Download our SDK here.

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I don’t have much developer bandwidth. Is this easy?
So easy! We’ll create a suite of options for you to consider for embedding Seeds into your game, based on best practices. We can reskin existing products and will work with you to find the best IAPs for your players’ needs.

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Why should I partner with Seeds?
Seeds helps you build trust with your players by providing a safe social good opportunity. Our relationships ensure that microloans will be disbursed and repaid safely and efficiently with no extra work for you.

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What is microlending?
Microloans are tiny loans—as small as a few dollars—extended to individuals without access to traditional business loans, usually poor women with little education, the people often left outside of traditional economies.

These small loans provide entrepreneurs with the capital to invest in the basic tools needed to start or expand a business. The money is presented as an interest-bearing loan, not a gift, so the entrepreneur works to repay the loan in a timely manner. In paying back her loan, she reinvests into the system, thereby supporting other entrepreneurs, as well as her own family and community, and works to end the cycle of poverty.

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So, microborrowers get Seeds loans through their phones?
That’s right, Seeds microloans go directly to the mobile phones of borrowers in East Africa, and eventually everywhere, through text message transmission. The loans are safer, cheaper, and more efficient than cash.

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Does microlending work?
Microlending is one development tool that, when executed using best practices, can provide a person the boost to pull their family out of poverty. Seeds distributes microloans through an SMS-based mobile phone program, which is fast, safe, and accessible to most people in East Africa, and eventually around the world. This service provides women in particular with the opportunity to control how funds are used.

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How will Seeds improve the gameplay experience?
When players buy Seeds products through their favorite game, not only do they empower women to start small businesses and move their families out of poverty, but players earn bonus currency or access special items and limited time offers! Players feel great knowing their gameplay is doing good in the world.

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