Getting Started with Seeds

Boost in-game revenue by motivating your players to make purchases to help micro-entrepreneurs around the world. Through the social good inherent in microfinance, you and your community can transform the world through gaming.

Seeds surfaces as an interstitial linked to one of your game’s in-app items. It informs the gamer that proceeds from their purchase will go to help an entrepreneur in the developing world.

Integration is quick and easy! Just select your Seeds product from the list below to get started:

Setup Guides
Unity SDK

Setup Guide


Setup Guide

Android SDK

Setup Guide

Getting Your Custom Ad and App Keys
Register and fill out the user and app info

After you add an app, you’ll be able to see your production and test app keys, automatically-generated interstitial promo and the deep link for your game.

Recommended App Store Update Description
Just to make things a little bit easier, we’re providing the following description for you to use when you publish your Seeds update. Please feel free to use and modify the following description as needed:

Update ver. _ : Seeds Integration
Seeds is a system that allows us to tie our in-app purchases to social good, meaning that your in-app purchases can now go further than ever, making the world a better place in the process. When you buy a special Seeds item, a portion of the proceeds will be lent to an entrepreneur in a developing country, providing vital funding to that allows them to build a business and support their families.