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Help those in need, while growing in-app sales!


With the Seeds SDK and API, you can: 

  • Target non-paying users 
  • Increase in-app sales by up to 30%
  • Increase per-user spending 

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Seeds powers in-app sales.

Seeds users:

  • Are 60% more likely to buy
  • Share about their purchases on social media
  • Spend 4x as much as other buyers!



It's made for developers.

The Seeds platform:

  • Integrates with Android, iOS, Unity, and Amazon Fire
  • Takes 30 minutes to set up
  • Is completely free to use! 



And Seeds sends you new users! 

New Seeds users are excited to engage with your brand because you're making a difference in the world! 

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But wait, there's more!

Integrate Seeds into your app by October 31st to be one of Seeds' 25 featured holiday apps and get a BUNCH of new users sent your way!


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The Gameway Discord server is 100% dedicated to mobile gaming. They welcome indie developers and established studios, composers, designers, artists, web developers, bloggers, streamers, mobile gamers and heck, anyone else who wants to come and chat about mobile games. 

Run by Gameway, the London based start up working to resolve game discovery, the Gameway Discord server is growing rapidly and we now have over 500 members supporting and sharing ideas with each other daily: