Seeds Stories: Meet Jane Nginyo

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Did you know that it's much harder for women to get access to capital, because of discrimination built into the system?

But now thanks to the microloans you provide, women in Kenya have a reason to celebrate! Microloans give female entrepreneurs access to vital funds. 

In fact, 81% of our loan recipients are women!


Meet Jane Nginyo, one of the many people Seeds partners have helped this year.

Jane is a poultry farmer in Kenya. Four years ago, Jane had a humble collection of 200 hens. Every week she would gather eggs and walk by foot to the market, carrying her precious cargo to sell. 

Through microloans, Jane has been able to grow her farm to 1,000 hens! She is now running a thriving business, and even saved enough to buy a car, so she can drive her eggs to the market instead of walking.   

Jane multiplied her income 5x over, and saved enough to buy a car to drive her eggs to the market! Her business has supported her children through school. 

Thanks to the microloans Seeds users have provided, Jane has been empowered to grow her business and support her family!